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World Soccer Forever is a game which was released on August 8, 2014. 


The player can show off their soccer/football skills.

Before starting, the player can choose for which nation they want to play. The player can also choose if they want to play as male or female.

There are two game modes, one is named Practice. In this game mode, the player can practice their free kick, pass, and target skills. The other game mode is the Tournament, which is practically accessible by clicking on Play. It is only accessible by having a Miniclip account since it is a multiplayer game.

After clicking on the Play button, a tournament gets generated in a few seconds. While the tournament is generating, the player gets a mission and the generating stops. In most times, the player gets a mission while the Quarter- or Semi finals.

The player has coins. Before starting a match (or round), the player can select which tournament they want to play. There are a few tournaments which are at a low price. In every tournament, both players put down a certain amount of coins. For example: 50 coins. 2x 50 coins equals 100 coins. The player is supposed to beat the other player in the match later, to get the 100 coins. If the player loses, they would not get anything.

The player and the other player have five free kicks they have to absolve. The player and the other player have got ten seconds to shoot, if the player did not done a shot, another CPU assumes the free kick for him. The player can do a shoot by holding the ball with the left mouse button and throwing it in whichever direction by releasing it. If the player wins the round, they go into the next round and play against other players.

There are a few boosts like the power shot which would shoot the ball like so it is harder for the keeper to save it. This boost and many other boots, same as ball kits and pitch upgrades can be found in the shop in the menu.


  • The game features only the teams from the FIFA World Cup 2014.