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Super Mud Mania is a game which was released on June 24, 2013. 


The player is supposed to complete many different challenges.

Before starting, the player can choose between three degrees of difficulty, which are Easy, Medium, and Hard.

Every degree of difficulty features few races. Easy features three races, Medium has four races, and Hard features five races. Every degree of difficulty also has only one vehicle the player can drive. In Easy, the player drives with the Jester, in Medium, the player drives with the Hound, and in Hard, the player drives with the Colossus

Once the player clicked on a difficulty, the player can customize their vehicle. The player can change the color or upgrade the vehicle's handling, top speed, acceleration, and more, if they have enough money.

After clicking on Race, the player is supposed to absolve all races. Every race is a three lap race. Once they completed Easy, they can continue with Medium, and once they complete that one, they can continue with Hard.

While racing, the player can collect collectibles such as Nitro and Cash Bonus. Cash can be used to upgrade the vehicle, and Nitro can be used to drive faster.

There are many different tracks, such as mud tracks, snow tracks, or just normal sand tracks.


  • There are no collisions with opponents in this game.
  • It is one of the two games which features the Jester. The other being Burnin' Rubber 5.
  • It was the last game that Xform made in Adobe Flash.