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Super Hammer is a game which was released on November 8, 2013. 


The player is supposed to kill with his weapons the bad guys who are terrorizing the city.

Before starting playing, the player can choose their armory. He can choose which weapons they wants to use (for example Machine Pistols), gadgets like magnets (which can be useful to collect all the money while running), explosive bullets, the character's shirt (as an example) and multipliers like Magnets X2 which double the collected money.

After pressing on start, the character jumps off the building and lands on street. The player is supposed to run and avoid the bad guys which are shooting at the player, but the player can also shoot back.

There are many collectibles like cash collectibles which can be useful to buy new weapons, gadgets and etc. later. There are also collectibles like diamonds or cash suitcases which give more money.

There are many obstacles too, like containers, signs, train wagons and of course bad guys. 

The more longer the player runs, the higher is their distance score. The best run gets always displayed in the menu.


  • This game is similar to Subway Surfers, but in this game, the player is the good guy.