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Sniper Team v1.5 is an updated version of Sniper Team which was released in 2013. 


The player is supposed to complete many operations by defend the base's health at all costs by shooting on the terrorists.

There are many bases in the game. In every operation, there is one specific base the player has to defend. The terrorists's role is to shoot the base, while the player's role is to defend it.

The player can switch between four characters, which are Lone Wolf, Ghost, Zero Dog, and Hammer. Every character is in a different location. 

Whenever terrorists are near the base the player has to defend, the chat log on the left corner says the exact location of them.

The player can choose between many weapons, like the SCT-418, TS3000, HM295, and even more.


  • The v1.5 update includes bonus weapons. It is unknown, why Xform created a special game for it instead of just updating Sniper Team.
  • In the v1.5 update, the skybox in the first challenge is more sunny.