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Rhino Rush Stampede is a game which was released on August 29, 2013. 


The player is supposed to run as long as possible through the endless 2D jungle world and collect as much fruits as possible.

There are many obstacles, such as cactuses, boxes and animals which can kill the player. Some of these obstacles can be destroyed such as the boxes by dashing into them. Cactuses can be avoided by jumping over them. Whenever the player touches obstacles like those, it turns into a game over.

The player usually steers the blue rhinoceros, but some of these destroyable boxes feature also other characters such as the T-Rex, the pink river-horse, the dragon and more. Those characters can only be used in the current round, since usually the player is supposed to collect stuff to buy characters and vehicles.

While running, the player can also collect all type of fruits, such as green or red apples, bananas, cherries, blueberries, grapes, watermelons, strawberries and even more.

The collected food can be used to buy characters such as the flamingo or the T-Rex and even vehicles such as the jeep, skyrocket and more at shaman's shop. The shaman's shop is accessable in the menu by clicking on the button called Shaman. The player can also buy gadgets such as the ufo or the cannon, upgrades and even hats which are known as the Silly Hats. Silly Hats are pretty much self explanatory.

To unlock all that stuff, the player needs to collect some kind of star parts while running. Whenever the player collects five star parts, those parts connect into one star and the player levels up. One full star equals one level. Whenever the player levels up he unlocks stuff.

There is also displayed how many meters the player already has run, and the best run gets displayed in the menu.


  • It is possibly the last sequel in the Rhino Rush Series, but there is no proof for that.
  • It is much different than Rhino Rush. (The game concept is different)