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The Redeemer is a special weapon featured only in Burnin' Rubber 5.

This weapon looks similar to the DFA.


Burnin' Rubber 5 and HD

How To Unlock

Reach the Level 20.


The Redeemer costs one million dollars, making it the most expensive weapon in this game.


The Redeemer launches a big missile, which can be controlled by the player. The player can choose which direction the missile has to go to. The missile makes much damage.

Other Facts

This special weapon is also attached to the Scud, which is called the Mobile Redeemer.

In the "Operation Sandstorm" boss battle, the Scud automatically aims the player.


  • The Redeemer's missile projectile is the same as the DFA's ones.
  • In the "Operation Sandstorm" boss battle, the Redeemer from the Scud is much bigger and it looks a bit different.
  • In the HD version of the game, the Redeemer moves slower than the original.