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Red Bull Formula Face is a game which was released on September 2, 2011. 


The player can take a photo of his face and put it on the square.

The player is supposed to race on different tracks like Nightlife, Summertime and Race On. The player can select between a few characters and vehicles like the Citroen WRC C4 or the Formula One car from a few years ago.

The player is unable to use the keyboard, joysticks or anything else. The player steers their car with their face. The player can steer left by moving the face to left side and vice versa. There are also some powerups like turbo which can be activated by blinking. 

In the photo challenge, the player must follow the lead what the face is actually doing. The player can get +500 points, so the player can share it to Facebook.


  • This game is supposed to support the company Red Bull.
  • Xform got the Dutch Game Award Winner award for this game in November 2012.