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Rally Point 6 is the sixth game in the Rally Point series which was released on November 22, 2018.


The player is supposed to unlock cars by racing on several tracks in different conditions.

The first starter vehicles will be the Forcez, Rebel, or the Juggernaut.

The player has to win all races. They have to drive through the finish line in time to unlock the Baja 1000 at the end.


On October 30, 2020, Xform released the standalone version of Rally Point 6 for $2.99.

Buy it here.


  • It is the first and the only game featuring city and forest tracks in the Rally Point series.
  • It is based on the WebGL version of Rally Point 5.
  • It is the only Rally Point game to feature the Rebel, R53, Nemesis, Baja Beetle, Vice, and the Baja 1000.
  • It is one of the two Rally Point games to not feature the Vulcan. The other being Rally Point 4.
  • It was Xform's last game that was published in 2018.
  • It is the last sequel in the Rally Point series.