Rally Point 5 is the fifth title in the Rally Point series which was first released on January 14, 2016. 


The player is supposed to unlock cars by racing on several tracks in different conditions.

The first starter vehicles will be the Evader, Rhino, or the Mule.

The player has to win all races. They have to drive through the finish line in time to unlock the Macari at the end.


On June 20, 2018, Xform released the Rally Point 5 WebGL version.

Play it in your browser .


  • Rally Point 5 was removed in Google Play Store. The reason was an ad 'conflict'. It says that an ad on the game used to violate the policy, which ad it was is unknown.
  • After republishing, this game became the first game in the Rally Point Series to run on Unity WebGL.
  • It was the only game of all games that were published in 2018 which was not hosted on
  • The Rhino's skin changed in the WebGL version.
  • Xform used Burnin' Rubber 5 HD as a template for the WebGL version.
  • Xform was going to publish the 'remastered' version of the game as a standalone program on Itch, but wanted to host the game. So while the port from Android to PC, it was ported to Unity WebGL instead of Unity.
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