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Pre-release and unused content are components of a video game that, for whatever reason, are removed or altered before that game is released. Known info about pre-release elements usually comes from one of two sources. The first is information released about a game by its creators before the game is complete. The second is data found within the data of a game that serves no purpose but could have been implemented into the game at one point. Most of the cut content was found by RazorDaBoss, theswegone and Siri Hatfir/brz_sti. Some other miscellaneous info was found by Lumius, RazorDaBoss, Siri Hatfir and theswegone took a look into the game files and did research. Lumius searched for the information on the blog. Gagarsa05 added the information to this article.

Pre-release and unused content definitions:

  • Prototype (version) / Early version / Pre-release (version) = A non-final version of a game or part of a game. Pre-release (version) is sometimes used to specifically mean an early version that is seen in pre-release materials. The writer should be made clear what is meant.
  • Pre-release material = Screenshots, videos, and others depicting or describing a prototype version of the game or the game's development history.
  • Unused = Content that is in the games files, but not used.
  • Cut / Scrapped = Content that was in a prototype version, but is absent in later builds. Also includes content that was planned to be or suggested to be in the game, but was never actually implemented. The writer should be made clear what is meant.
  • Beta = Not to be used unless a version is actually a beta version. Should not be capitalized (unless as part of names that are capitalized or at the beginning of the sentence, of course).

Burnin' Rubber

  • Originally, Burnin' Rubber was supposed to be made with Virtools. When the game was 40% done, Xform decided to switch to Adobe Director. An early footage exists when the game was still made with Virtools.[1]
  • The menu image on the title screen shows a human female character and a vehicle that bears resemblance to a hardtop Dodge Viper RT/10.
  • The right side of the tunnel is actually open and the left is closed, unlike in the final version, which is the opposite.
  • The car select menu has no control images on the bottom, and the car switching animation has much more easing.
  • The sky was cloudier and both of the tunnels are open, unlike in the final version, where only the left tunnel is open.
  • The Devil DB9 was unfinished and the decal on the hood of the Lightning GTR was red instead of white.
  • The logo of the game was different.
  • A time trial game mode was cut.
  • A track editor may have been cut.
  • The music was slightly different.
  • The sponsors in Sunshine City were different, having Burnout 3: Takedown sponsors. They were changed to avoid copyright infringement from Criterion Games and Electronic Arts.
  • When the player was done selecting a car, there would be an initializing picture that would only load Sunshine City.
  • There was a pile of wheels in the garage, they were removed for unknown reasons.
  • The Lightning GTR was originally called Nissan Lightning.[2]

Burnin' Rubber 2

  • The game has a hidden built-in FPS counter. The FPS counter is also present in the next two installments.
  • Snowville was changed into Steep Mountains.
  • The player can change the difficulty by editing the game files.
  • There is a blank texture called "cheat". Judging by the name, there were cheats for the developers to use.
  • There is an unused remix of the Grip soundtrack.
  • There is an unused "RIVAL DOWN!" on-screen takedown message with a caption "WHO'S NEXT?", and they can be found in the game files.

Burnin' Rubber 3

  • The Phaser GTI originally had a red and black color scheme, which was changed into a black and maroon color scheme.
  • The weapon icons had colored outlines.
  • The Giant is placed near the Inferno 66, while in the final game, it is placed near the Phaser GTI.
  • The weapons description says "GET READY FOR SOME FIRE POWER!", while in the final game, it says "ARM YOURSELF BY DRAGGING WEAPONS ONTO YOUR CAR!".
  • The AI opponents were named after real life vehicles as placeholders.
  • The Rebel had a red color reused from Power Driving. It was later changed to a blue color, reused from Traffic Slam.
  • Six weapons were cut, including the Homing Missile, Flamethrower, Laser, Missile Launcher, BDM, and the Airstrike. All of them appeared in later installments. Loading the aforementioned weapons will crash the game as their respective models do not exist. The only functional weapons are the Laser, which is unfinished, and the Flamethrower, but if the player attempts to enter a race, all of their weapons are stripped off the car, resulting in a Goosehunt-styled race. The Flamethrower, Laser, and the Airstrike later appeared in Burnin’ Rubber 4, the Homing Missile, and the Missile Launcher later appeared in Burnin’ Rubber 5. Sooner, the BDM might appear in Burnin' Rubber 6 in the future.
  • The Dual Machine Guns were originally called the Hellbringer.
  • The DX Turbo originally had a darker color and different wheels.
  • The Sunstorm originally had no sponsor decals and was colored red.
  • The sky boxes were different.
  • The Jumper was originally colored blue, which was later changed into a lime green color. This can be noticed on the Elimination game mode loading screen.
  • There were boats and planes made, they later appeared in Burnin' Rubber 4.

Burnin' Rubber 4

  • The Police Boat had wider windows and was lighter.
  • The Stealth and the AC130 had different textures.
  • The Spitfire had another paint job, which is never seen in the final game.
  • A radio was supposed to appear. This meant that free roam areas did not have any specified music for them, but instead, a random music from the radio would be playing.
  • In the original game, there was a light system. When the player went under a bridge or any shadow, the car's lights would turn on. This feature was replaced in the GOTY edition with the option to turn them on or off by pressing the "L" key.
  • In the game files, there is a song named "Velocity", which was the song that was used in the Burnin' Rubber 2 forest map.

Burnin' Rubber 5

  • In San Burrito Airport, it originally had a sunset skybox, but it was changed into a night skybox.
  • The Spear, Hound, and the Mule appeared in San Burrito Airport as opponents. Also, the Rhino was supposed to appear as an opponent, but this idea was scrapped due to it being too overpowered and was changed to a boss opponent.
  • The unavailable version of the parking garage in San Burrito Airport did not have blurred windows.
  • Line 6 was originally named "Metro City".
  • The Race game mode was originally named Battle Campaign.
  • There was a countdown timer similar to the previous installments. It was removed for unknown reasons, they can be found in the game files.
  • An FPS-styled kill log appeared. It was scrapped since the developers found it distracting, they can be found in the HD version files.[3]
  • The drift particles were different.
  • In every race, the bottom of the HUD used to say "FINISH FIRST".
  • The Nitro collectible had a similar functionality to the Fire Nitro special weapon. The same collectible could be activated without collecting it, similar to Power Driving and Burnin' Rubber.
  • The damage textures looked different.
  • The GT Blaze originally had black body kit parts, similar to the Evader.
  • The collectibles had stronger shadows.
  • The Cash Bonus collectible originally had the sprite from Burnin' Rubber 4, but it was changed into a green dollar sign.
  • The A7 originally had no decals, no carbon fiber hood and trunk, and was simply colored white.
  • The Vulcan had different sponsors.
  • Some cars had additional skins that do not appear in the final game:
    • The Rhino had four skins instead of only one, all of them leftovers from Downtown Drift, and they can be found in the game's files.
    • The R18 also had four skins instead of only one.
    • The Taurus also had four skins instead of only one as well, they can be found in the Shockwave.com version files.
    • The Taxi also had four skins instead of only one, they can be found in the Shockwave.com version files.
    • The Tank also had four skins instead of only one, they can be found in the Shockwave.com version files.
  • The Mammoth had one different skin that did never make it into the final game.
  • The logo of the game was drastically different.
  • Some weapons' prices were different:
    • The Shotgun originally costed $5,000, while in the final game, it costs $7,500.
    • The Flamethrower originally costed $2,500, while in the final game, it costs $5,000.
    • The Fuel Air Rocket Launcher originally costed $20,000, while in the final game, it costs $30,000.
    • The Laser Turret originally costed $50,000, while in the final game, it costs $45,000.
    • The Machine Gun Roof Turret originally costed $75,000, while in the final game, it costs $30,000.
    • The Flak Roof Turret originally costed $125,000, while in the final game, it costs $100,000.
    • The Sticky Mines Roof Turret originally costed $125,000, while in the final game, it costs $50,000.
    • The Rockets Roof Turret originally costed $150,000, while in the final game, it costs $125,000.
    • The DFA originally costed $200,000, while in the final game, it costs $75,000.
    • The Redeemer originally costed $250,000, while in the final game, it costs $1,000,000.
  • Railway Station used to have the Grip song.
  • The opponent Manita was originally named Anita.
  • The Spryster had a blue skin as its AI skin.
  • The caltrops of the Caltrop Deployer were reused from its predecessor. They were changed to modern-looking ones.
  • For unknown reasons, the Spryster, Inferno, GT Blaze, Snake, and the Evader have modified body kits and not their original. The only cars to have their original counterparts in-game are the Inferno 66 and Spryster Turbo.
  • In the game files of Burnin' Rubber 5 HD, there is a file named VehicleData.txt, which contains a list of extra vehicles in-game that have nothing other than their names, with some of them being misspelled.
  • In the game files of Burnin' Rubber 5 HD, there are two songs named "AllThatMatters" (BR1 menu song) and "Adrenaline" (BR3 menu song).
  • The only engine sound used in-game is DefaultStationair_SFX.wav, while the rest were left unused. In fact, these are the same engine sounds that were used in Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn.
  • An F1-style car was originally planned to appear. It was cut because its livery strongly resembled the Formula Gran Turismo from the Gran Turismo series, and including it could have made Xform get sued by Polyphony Digital, it was possibly removed due to copyright reasons.
  • Some cars had their name changed. All of these names are from previous Burnin' Rubber games, as well as Burnin' Rubber: Shift and Crash 'n Burn. To add more confusion into the name changes, when the player completes Destruction Derby and unlocks the Snake, it says Stingray.
Early Final
Viral/Stingray Snake
Phaser GTI Vulcan
Rally 7 Evader
Monster Truck Mammoth
Vice V80 Vice
Big Truck BT One
Panther V8 Tyrant
Abraham N1 Tank
Jumper Spryster
Snake GT Viper
A7 Predator A7


There were five weapons which all of them are unused.

  • Swarm Pods - Launches a bunch of drones that swarm the enemy with their mini machine guns.
  • Artillery - It works almost the same as the Burnin' Rubber 4 Airstrike, but with an extremely large explosion.
  • Remote Control - Lets the player take the control of an AI opponent for a short period of time.
  • Ion Cannon - Fires out a Plasma Laser Beam from an Outer Space Satellite Beam.
  • Air Support - Gives out falling bombs from the sky and fighter jets to create large explosions.

Burnin' Rubber: Crash n' Burn

  • The game used to be called Burnin' Rubber: Crash Out.
  • The Hunter's decals are missing in the loading screen.
  • There was a trailer truck.
  • The A7 Predator had an old "Crash Out" decal on the doors.
  • Some traffic vehicles can be found in the game's files but are not used, including the Panini, the El Grando, the Camper, and the older Bus-
  • According to Pieter, there were supposed to be blue lens flares and a vignette when using nitro.

Rally Point 6

Redline Rumble Revolution

  • The game was originally called Redline Rumble Redux at one point according to the logo texture.
  • The player's profile name would always set to Joep.
  • There are leftover Burnin' Rubber 4 weapons mentioned in the game files.
  • A different model of the Ichiban can be found in the game files, being less wider and slightly smaller than the model used in-game.
  • The Noelli Expresso was originally called Vice V80.
  • The unused "Your time is up! All units proceed to intercept!" voice for the police can be found in the game files.
  • There are three hidden cheats inside the game files: "No Damage", "No Collision" and "No Slow Down".
  • There are two unused captions in the game files: "Look out, tire spikes!" and "You unlocked the opponent's car skins!" (this one later implemented in Burnin' Rubber Shift).
  • The game includes some hidden features in the game files such as a full screen option, anti-aliasing, and bloom, all of them carried over to Burnin' Rubber Shift.

Katie Commando

  • The HUD was drastically different.

Freestyle Snow Wheeling

  • The game used to be called Snow Stunt Heroes.
  • Other ideas for names include "Auto Games" and "Super Car Olympics 2011 Deluxe Edition". [5]

Free Kick 2012

  • The stadium was different.

Downtown Drift

  • The Rally 2's vinyl was colored black instead of orange.
  • The HUD was different, and was changed at least twice during development.
  • There is a cut, non-post apocalyptic version of Eagle. An image of it can be found in the game files.
    • There is also an unused model of the Macho.
  • The cars' names were different, most of them coming from previous Burnin' Rubber games:
Early Final
Chisai Striker
Taxi Taxi Cab
Eldorado El Grando
Baja Beetle Dune Bug
T1 Traveler
Police Police Car
ADP Rally 2
Ice Cream Truck Gelato
Baja 4A Beachcomber
Vice Glide
Murcielago Mucholiego
Paiker Riker
Hummer Rammer
R53 Roady
Big Truck Big Daddy
Panini Santiago
Camaro Macho
Monster Truck El Diablo
Sunstorm Solar

Traffic Slam

  • The working title for Traffic Slam was "Ground Zero". This was changed to avoid controversy after 9/11. [6]

Traffic Slam 3

  • The "SUPERCAR" building sign was originally named "CARS".
  • The bridge was unfinished.
  • The police barricade was not present.
  • Many objects were missing.
  • An unused car carrier truck can be found in the game files.


There were six additional styles that are unused:

  • Magneto - Attracts all surrounding vehicles for close up destruction!
  • Disco - Trails, stars, and sparks!
  • RC - RC version of the game!
  • SlamZilla - Citizens beware!
  • Multiplicity - Pinball in the city!
  • Rocket Man - Who needs roads?

Sniper Team

  • The menu was different.
  • The war base was largely different.

Power Driving

  • The working title for Power Driving was "Super Racert". The t in "Racert" was intentional. [7]

Super Mud Mania

  • The AI version of the Jester had different skins, the same vehicle was also darker, and lacked a white stripe.
  • The game had different names. It used to be called Dirt Racer, but it was renamed to Kickstart, Super Kickstart, Mud Racing Madness[8], and finally, Super Mud Mania.
  • An unused 3D model can be seen in the menu.
  • Other background images were different.


Super Kickstart

Man Or Monster

  • There was a cut monster that resembled a venus flytrap,[9] however, this monster did not appear until ManOrMonster.io.
  • T-Wrecks was originally called "Bad Browser", however, it was changed, but in the game's trailer, he can be seen under the name of "Bad Browser". In Super Man or Monster, there is a recolored version of said monster called "Bad Browser".
  • There was a playable character that is a female version of the man. This character got scrapped for unknown reasons.


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