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Police Pursuit 2 is a game which was released on January 16, 2019. 


The player is supposed to complete many different missions around the map.

In every mission, the player is supposed to chase and block the suspect in a certain amount of time. The suspects are marked on the minimap.

In order to 'arrest' a thief, the player is supposed to crash into the suspect vehicle. Doing this will reduce the thief's health. After the health bar goes down, the suspect vehicle will explode and the player will get new missions. Later, the thieves will drive faster cars or bigger vehicles, which makes it harder to jail them.

The requested vehicle will be transported to the parking garage, and the player can also drive it. Technically, after completing all missions, the player will be able to drive all vehicles.

Otherwise, when the player is not doing any missions, they will receive smaller missions randomly where in most cases the player has to chase normal sedans with low health.

While driving, the player can also use nitro boost, so they can drive faster and reach the suspect. Once the nitro bar is empty, there are a few places where the player can get more nitro. There is also a Car Repair collectible which repairs the car instantly.

There are even 25 hidden packages which are scattered all around Bay City. Collecting them all will grant the player the ability to cycle teleport locations.


  • The game is a tribute to the original Police Pursuit game released by Silent Bay Studios in 2008 on Miniclip.
  • Some of the models, such as the vehicles, are not made by Xform.
  • Many people from Miniclip helped at developing this game, because it was a tribute to one of the most popular games on Miniclip.
  • The music does not come from Sonic Picnic or Elektra Fungi either, Xform's usual music producers.
  • The game contains almost only brand-new models.
  • Its sound effects were reused from Traffic Slam and Burnin' Rubber 4.