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The Ichiban is a four-door sports compact sedan featured in some driving games made by Xform.


The Ichiban is based on the 1998 Mitsubishi FTO [DE3A].

Overview & Performance

Redline Rumble Revolution

The Ichiban 2112 appears in Redline Rumble Revolution and is unlocked upon beating the opponent in the first race.

It can reach a top speed of 108 mph.

P/W Ratio GS QTR Mile Nitro
190 Launch 0,70 14,9 sec at 104 mph No

Burnin' Rubber 5

The Ichiban appears in Burnin' Rubber 5 and is unlocked upon completing the Daily Challenge on the 15th in each month.

The Ichiban reached a notably lower top speed compared to the most of the cars, and the large turn radius and high weight prevented it from entering and exiting corners quickly. It shares almost the same performance of the Vulcan, with the exception of a slightly worse handling.

It has a stock top speed of 83 mph without its engine upgrades. But, when fully upgraded, it can reach a top speed of 95 mph.

Engine Armor Handling Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon
4/10 4/10 6/10 3/10 4/10

Rally Point 4

The Ichiban appears in Rally Point 4 and is unlocked upon completing the "Snow 5" race. It is decently quick and has a good weight, but it suffers from a bit of under steer. It's nitro durability is below average.

It can reach a top speed of 130 mph.


  • A different model of the Ichiban can be found in the game files of Redline Rumble Revolution, which is probably a first version of its model, which was later scrapped by Xform. It is less wider and slightly smaller than the model used in-game.