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The Horse is an animal featured only in Burnin' Rubber 5.


The Horse is based on an unicorn.

Overview & Performance

Burnin' Rubber 5 and HD

The Horse is unlocked upon finding the hidden collectible in "The End" final boss battle.

The Horse has a very bad, and very good statistics at the same time. Its engine, armor, and handling are very low, but it has much primary and secondary ammo rounds. Overall, it makes the Horse still really powerful.

In the HD remastered version of Burnin' Rubber 5, the Horse's top speed was buffed from 73 mph to 106 mph. 

Engine   Armor   Handling   Primary Weapon   Secondary Weapon

 1/10       1/10         1/10                10/10                        10/10


  • The Horse is the first animal ever in the Burnin' Rubber series.
  • The Horse is the second non-vehicle in the Burnin' Rubber series, along with the Marauder-X.
  • It is the only non-vehicle that can jump.