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Eugene Ruitenbeek is an Xform former junior artist. ​


  • Eugene used to work for many companies as a 2D and 3D arist. 
  • Eugene has a brother, who's name is Michael Ruitenbeek.
  • Eugene speaks Dutch and English.




Eugene used to be a 3D artist from 2009 to 2010. He used to make animations and designs for levels and menu interfaces. Then, from Feb. 2010 until Aug. 2010 he used to do freelance work.

In June of 2011, he came back to Xform Games after working for half a year at ISOTX. He worked for Xform until 2013.

Eugene Ruitenbeek used to work on Games such as Free Kick 2012, Freestyle Snow Wheeling, Shootin' Cybertrash, Sniper Team and a few more.