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Diederik is an Xform developer, and the co-founder of the company itself. 


  • Diederik has a wife and two kids.
  • Diederik likes to take pictures of him, her wife or his kids on Instagram. He also takes pictures of specific events that he celebrated alot.
  • He likes to drink beer with his friends alot.


Most of the time he is being strict and wants discussions to remain mainly civil. He can be nice, however. People that used to work with him say that he is a very friendly and entertaining person to work with.


Diederik, who is also the co-founder of the company has been working at Xform since its foundation. Diederik does gamedesign, leveldesign, art and some additional coding.


  • In the Xform discord server, Diederik usually ban members who disagree with him on certain aspects and do not take constructive criticism well.