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Burnin' Rubber Multiplayer is a crossover of several installments in the Burnin' Rubber series which was released on December 22, 2022.


The player is supposed to takedown other players in real-time in rounds in different vehicles with different weapons across different maps.

They start off by getting a nickname and a tag color, picking a vehicle like the Giant, joining a lobby, heading into maps such as Big Rock or The Jungle killing other players in vehicles using the weapons they can find everywhere like the Machine Gun or at weapon shops and with the help of health, boost, and ammo pickups. After its over, whoever killed the most players wins, keeps the cash from each kill and gets tokens to buy new vehicles such as the Nemesis and others, as well as buying liveries for them at the spray shops.

Aside from killing each other, they can also participate in Time Trials, Rampages, Stunts, and the search for Hidden Packages in the shape of collectibles found everywhere, allowing to get even more cash. For all of these challenges they have a limited amount of time, if they go past that, the challenge is over and they have to start all over again.


  • The standalone version has some benefits aside from obvious ones such as higher quality assets and no advertisements that the web version does not have, which include:
    • More stable framerate and FPS are not locked to 60 in general.
    • The ability to create your own lobby with custom settings.
    • More cash and tokens right away to have a better chance to drive a better vehicle immediately.
    • No ''green foggy filter'' over the game, potentially disturbing the visibility.