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Burnin' Rubber Multiplayer is an upcoming game. We don't know the release date yet. It was planned to release in 2020, but was pushed to 2021 for the alpha and beta versions, and probably 2022 for the final game.

You were able to become a tester by becoming a patron, people with tester accounts can still play the game.[1]


Currently unknown or not clear, due to the game not being released yet. There are some sneak peeks about it though. It will be a simple Deathmatch + other modes that we don't know anything about. You pick up weapons by driving over them, money is used for special weapons at the weapons shop.[2]


"For the Alpha Version of the game, there will be one map: the BR4 desert map Big Rock. The Beta and Release Version will most likely have more, and indeed, we'll probably be using the other BR4 maps. At first, there will be somewhere between 8 and 16 cars. All cars start out with the same weapons loadout. Most regular weapons from BR5 will be in the game as pickups. There will be no selectable weapons, customization, or upgrading, unfortunately. No special weapons at this moment, but we do hope to get something with a bit more oomph in there later."

"At the start, it will be a simple Deathmatch. We're still working on closed/open games (rooms). For the Beta and Release Version, there might be different game modes. It will be multiplayer gameplay only. Also, it will not have all the fancy customization stuff that those games have."[1]

People might need to get cash pickups to be able to get better weapon pickups.[3]

"We need to get some sort of log that you can see who killed who. Also, we needed to fix some leaderboard/results stuff to make everything more clear. Most importantly: we noticed that it can (obviously) be pretty annoying when you want to join a game that is already in progress and the room is closed."[4]

"We're doing this next / now. We were indeed planning to be further along at this moment, but we needed to get BR5XS done first because hopefully, we can make some money with that in the coming months. What to expect? There's not much more to say than last time. Lots of cars. 1 game mode. Open world gameplay (we'll be using the BR4 worlds). We're working on getting an Alpha version done first, containing limited content. This version we'll be using to stress test the multiplayer engine. From that, we'll continue to work on the next version that we'll release publicly. After that, we plan to do a more ' full' version that has some more content and hopefully has some way for us to earn some revenue with it. Not sure how though..."[5]

"I was working on a new start screen the other day. Which is looking pretty good."[6]

"Special weapons are bought at the weapon shop."[2]

Confirmed Cars

Confirmed Weapons

Confirmed Maps



  • It is a Unity WebGL game.
  • There is a chat and leaderboard system.[12][9]
  • There is a currency system.[13]
  • There might be other gamemodes.[9]
  • The game will give you a random player name if you don't choose any.[12]
  • A video has been sent by Diederik making it easier to see what the cars and default weapons are.[7]
  • The Big Rock map was used as a test level. But it might get included in the final game.[14]
  • A nitro pickup is visible in the video.[10]
  • A Machine Gun pickup is visible in a screenshot[12]
  • It won't have single-player content.[1]
  • Xform was looking for testers to test the alpha and beta build of the game.[1]

GIF of the video.