Burnin' Rubber 6

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Burnin' Rubber 6 is an upcoming game which is supposed to be released in the future.  


Currently unknown, due to the game not being released yet. The developers stated that it will be powered by the Unity engine, the same one as Burnin' Rubber 5 HD. [1]


  • It will be the first ever Xform game that will be available on console. [2]
  • Xform developers already started working on Burnin' Rubber 6, not full throttle though. [3]
  • Xform developers also state that the free-roam mode from Burnin' Rubber 4 is going to return. [4] The game will even have multiplayer. [5]
  • There is going to be a public demo, as said on the Xform's patreon site. [6]
  • There was a private tech demo for the game made in 2015 which was found by theswegone and RazorDaBoss in 2017. It had non-functional multiplayer. In the demo, the player drives a ForceZ from Rally Point 4 on a more detailed version of the Railway Station map from Burnin' Rubber 5. [7] The demo has been deleted from the site when Xform cleaned it.


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