Burnin' Rubber

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Burnin' Rubber is the first installment in the Burnin' Rubber series which was released on December 4, 2007. 


The player starts with the Lightning GTR and the Vulcan M6. The mission is to finish first in a three-lap race across the three levels: Sunshine City, Snow Peak, and Desert Canyon.

When the player finishes Snow Peak (unlocked after completing the Sunshine City), they will unlock Desert Canyon. If they win against the other driver in said level, they unlock the Devil DB9, the last car.

Alternatively, the player can race in reverse counterparts of the race tracks once they have unlocked the specific course in forwards mode, although this does not count as progress towards completion of the game.

There are no daily challenges or hidden packages, as well as no customization options. This makes the game lack a lot of stuff in later titles, but it was a good start to the series.


On November 20, 2020, Xform released the standalone version of Burnin' Rubber for $1.99.

Buy it here.


  • The name of this game series could be a mix of Burnout and Need for Speed series in terms of gameplay, cars, and tracks.
  • It is one of the only two Burnin' Rubber games to not feature weapons. The other being Burnin' Rubber 2.
  • Burnin' Rubber has the least amount of tracks and cars in an Xform game or Burnin' Rubber game.
  • It is the only game in the series to have only one opponent in the main races. Burnin' Rubber 3 includes Rival Battles and Boss Battles, but they are not the main races.
  • It is the only game in which the cars do not receive damage.
  • It is the only Burnin' Rubber game to have a nitro bar that charges, as opposed to a pickup. However, the Nitro Boost secondary weapon in Burnin' Rubber 4 has a similar effect.
  • It is one of the only two Burnin' Rubber games to feature lapped tracks. The other being Burnin' Rubber 5.
  • It is also one of the two main-series games that do not use tiling track pieces at all, instead opting to use complete original models like Burnin' Rubber 5.
  • Burnin' Rubber has a large amount of pre-release information publicly available, unlike most Burnin' Rubber games.
  • The game is the only game in the series to have slide light graphics, which means that the 'light' camera changes the color of the car and becomes darker if in shadows. This method is only used also not only in the first Burnin' Rubber game, but it's also used on the first Hammer game by Xform.
  • In the first version of the standalone version, opponent behaviour was broken, it was fixed 2 days later.
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