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Burnin' Rubber: Shift is a spin-off game which was released on December 8, 2013.


The player is supposed to unlock cars by racing on the roads through traffic with the AI cars. The player starts with the Bullet 350.

The player can unlock every car's skin by finishing the race in a certain amount of time.

At a certain level, the player has to hide under a truck to get rid of the police to continue the race. If the player does not hide under a truck on time, they will send many police cars on the road to smash their vehicle.

If the player passed that, the helicopter will drop many spike strips on the road to inflate the car's tires. The player will lose their vehicle if the car's tires get inflated, but if the player survives the spike strips, the player will be able to keep the car, but will not be able to finish the race.

While racing, the player can also get damaged. If the car gets damaged too much, they will lose the race. In order to avoid this, there are also pickups such as the Car Repair. There is also a Nitro, which can be useful to overtake the opponent.


  • It is probably one of the last two Burnin' Rubber games (along with Burnin' Rubber 5) that was made with Adobe Director engine.
  • The game's engine physics were reused from Redline Rumble Revolution, but except this game is set in the nighttime with different models.
  • It is possibly the last game based on this gameplay concept, but there is no proof for that.
  • The game can't be played on newer iOS versions.