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Burnin' Rubber: Crash n' Burn is a spin-off game and a tribute to Burnin' Rubber 4 which was released on October 4, 2013.


The player must cause as much damage as possible to the environment such as buildings, vehicles, and other objects. 

The player always receives missions where they are supposed to destroy a certain amount of vehicles and other objects. 

Every time the player finishes the mission, the player can level up and unlock new vehicles such as the Wolf, Firestarter, and more, new gadgets like jumping boost, new upgrades like handling, air handling, top speed, and more, and new missions.

The player starts off with the Hunter and the A7 Predator


  • It is the first spin-off in the series.
  • The game reuses the city from Burnin' Rubber 4, but with some changes. One of the buildings up north has now been changed into a construction place. Snow Peak, Big Rock, and the Docks are discarded from now on, whereas the Jungle can be seen in the draw distance in the eastern part of the ocean but seen as just an image which the player cannot travel to.
  • It is one of the only two Burnin' Rubber games to feature open world gameplay and free-roaming. The other being Burnin' Rubber 4.
  • It is also the second Burnin' Rubber game to feature mounted gun turrets across the city. The first being Burnin' Rubber 4.
  • The game can't be played on newer Android versions.