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Enders200 Enders200 24 April 2020

Any thoughts on BRMP?

Diederik sent this screenshot in the Xform DC. Ya'll have anythin' to say? It's lookin' like a team game (maybe a mode?) Would love to battle with people! A bunch of Xform people with tester roles were in a voicechat with Diederik and Pieter, we were confused. Wasn't expecting this today.

It is a test map, probably won't be in-game.

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Harma22 Harma22 13 March 2019

BR6 will come out in 2 or 3 years/2021 or 2022

I shall confirm that burnin' rubber 6 possibly will be released in 2021 or 2022

I had a dream about burnin' rubber

and it looked different from all BR games so far

so probably it was BR6

and of course, if my dream is about games, I can see the future

last time I had a dream about 4th Tasty Planet game 

and 2 years after the 4th game was released

so trust me

BR6 will come soon

still before Full Version of Deltarune

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Harma22 Harma22 2 March 2019

Rip BR6 I guess

outdated lol

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XformDowntownDrift XformDowntownDrift 18 January 2017

BR6 Discusion

i hope xform wil do a BR6 Sneak peak ;)

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